EZRLS is an alternate name of “Eazy Release”, (“Easy Release” or “EZ Release”).

EZRLS is a scene release and software review website, aims to make easier access to the files for the latest releases. EZRLS is not a file hosting and strictly does not host contents and files, we provide only index to already published contents and files on the internet, in the same way as most search engines do.

There are many great freeware apps, but not publicly known, and official trial or demo program with hidden direct download link, but publicly accessible. We will provide a brief review regarding the uses, its advantages and disadvantages, and we may even reveal its weaknesses. Here we will provides all of them for you.

The main objective is to provide everybody most convenient and user-friendly way to get the latest updates, and to find and download files for free. Here, everybody can get every software and apps they want with virus-free, no surveys, 100% legit free, no unwanted software, no adware installers, or even viruses (we work hard to avoid all of these).

Here, you can request new software or applications to be added to our database. We’ll try our best to get them on our site as soon as possible. Moreover, you can submit your software or applications for review and possibly publish them if deemed eligible.

We are in continue process of developing the site, to make the best of what is possible. We are proud of our friendly team and people who contributing to the site with their help and contributions. The site will continue to work and entertain till infinity (Let’s hope).